GST Software Features

SPEQTA GST General Features:

  • 1. Easiest Software with Strong Validation for Preparation, Filing of Return
  • 2. Offline Software for Preparation of Returns, Internet Required Only at the Time of Upload / Download Data through GST portal
  • 3. Store Client Data in Your PC Only, No threat of Data Security
  • 4. Secure Client’s Data by taking Backup in Your Google Drive
  • 5. Smart Audit Tools for Reconciliation of GSTR-3B & GSTR-1
  • 6. Offline Software for Preparation of Returns, Internet Required Only at the Time of Upload Data on GST portal.
  • 7. Dashboard provided for various task management like checking of pending returns, due dates, taxes etc.
  • 8. One Click Client Master Creation by Importing Data from GST Portal
  • 9. Automatic software updates no need to go website to download new updates.
  • 11. Email Alert to Clients for Sending Reminders, (Upcoming Feature)
  • 12. Option to Send SMS to Clients for Reminders (Upcoming Feature)

GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B Preparation & Filing Features:

  • 1. Prepare GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B by Importing Excel Sheet
  • 2. One Click Prepare GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B by Importing GST Template, Json File,
  • 3. Option to Import Data from Renowned Accounting Software Template like, Tally, Marg and Busy etc.
  • 4. One Click GSTIN Validation from GST Portal Directly
  • 5. Strong Validation of Data in Software Before Uploading on GST Portal to Minimise Chances of Errors
  • 6. One Click Import Sales in GSTR-3B from GSTR-1 to avoid any chance of mismatch in GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B Supply Value
  • 7. Data Compare Tool for GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B to Find any Difference in GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B Outward Supply before Filing of GSTR-3B.
  • 8. Automatic Preparation of GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B Json File and direct upload Json on GST Portal without manual login on GST Portal
  • 9. Option to Compare GSTR-1 Software Data with GST portal uploaded data to find difference if Any.
  • 11. View Draft PDF in Software directly before Submitting the Return
  • 12. Submit & File GSTR-1 From Software

Strong Validations to mitigateb chances of Mistake:

  • 1. One Click GSTIN validation before uploading GSTR-1 on portal
  • 2. One click invoice validation engine to reduce chance of error in uploading Json.
  • 3. Validate & compare data uploaded on portal with software before final submission
  • 4. Validation is provided in every form to avoid errors in return forms.
  • 5. Validate and Compare GSTR-3B data with already filed GSTR-1 data to avoid any chance of fling dirrent figure in GSTR-1 & 3B
  • 6. Autofilled Table 6A, 8A, & 9 from GST Portal to avoid mismatch Issue
  • 7. System Computed GSTR-9 Compuation to avoid any chance of error
  • 8. Auto filled GSTR-9 tables in GSTR-9C from portal to avoid any chance of Mismatch

Intelligent reporting engine to Prepare report on the basis of return Filed:

1. GSTR-1 Reports
    • [a] GSTR-1 Rate wise Sales
    • [b] GSTR-1 Yearly Sales Summary
    • [c] GSTR-1 B2B Party Wise Sale Invoices
    • [d] Export GSTR-1 in Excel

2. GSTR-3B Reports
    • [a] GSTR-3B Yearly Sales Summary
    • [b] GSTR-3B Yearly ITC Summary
    • [c] GSTR-3B Tax Liability Offset

3. GSTR-2A Reports
    • [a] GSTR-2A Rate wise Purchases
    • [b] GSTR-2A B2B Purchase Invoices
    • [c] GSTR-2A Full Year data

4. MIS Reports
    • [a] Challan Deposited During the Year
    • [b] Return Filed During the Year
    • [c] Interest and Late Fees Paid in F.Y.
    • [d] Interest Calculation on Delayed Payment

5. GST Portal Reports
    • [a] Credit and Liability Statement
    • [b] Liability Other Than Export/Reverse Charge
    • [c] Liability Due to Export and SEZ Supplies
    • [d] Liability Due to Reverse Charge
    • [e] ITC Credit Claimed & Due

GST Reconciliation in Software:

  • 1. One Click GSTIN One click reconcilie GSTR-2A data with books of accounts purchase data
  • 2. Reconciliation Result with matched invoice, mismatch invoice, invoice not in books and invoices not in GSTR-2A
  • 3. Artificial Intelligence engine to reconcile books invoice not recorded with prefix / suffix or special characters. Invoce no. recorded in books as 145 and showing in GSTR-2A as GST/2019-20/145 Software will match it with Artificial Intelligence if GSTIN, Taxable Value and GST amount is matching.
  • 4. GSTR-3B Vs. GSTR-1 Sale Reconciliation Report
  • 5. GSTR-3B Vs. GSTR-2A Input Tax Credit Reconciliation Report
  • 6. Tax paid under RCM Vs. ITC claimed of RCM Tax Reconciliation Report
  • 7. ITC claimed Vs. ITC utilized Reconciliation Report

Online Activities on Portal:

  • 1. Download GSTR-2A for in a Single Click in 2 Minutes if 500 invoices per Month
  • 2. One Click GSTR-2A Json Request and Download for whole year if more than 500 Invoices in a month
  • 3. Download all GST Return data GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A in a single Click
  • 4. Download GST TDS / TCS data for whole year in a single click
  • 5. Verify GSTIN and Return filing status from Software
  • 6. Autometic Login to portal from Software through Chrome / Explorer without manually enterring user id and password
  • 7. View and download all GST notification / circulars issued since begining of GST in a single screen with search Facility
  • 8. Check Live balance of Cash Ledger and Credit Ledger in Single Click
  • 9. Download GST Cash Ledger / Credit Leder in a single click since begining of GST
  • 10. One Click File Nil GSTR-3B through OTP from Software
  • 11. Upload, Submit and File GSTR-1 through OTP from Software directly
  • 12. Generate GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B PDF fow whole year from a single screen
  • 13. Many More Features to Come….