SPEQTA e-Invoice Vs. NIC e-Invoice Tool Comparison

FEATURES                                     SPEQTA e-Invoice Tool NIC e-Invoice Tool
E-Invoice generate and cancelOne Click IRN Generation and Cancellation ProcessManual Process to Generate e-Invoice with multiple steps
Bulk processing via APIMultiple Invoices can be Generated in a Single ClickOne by One Json File need to uploaded manually to generate multiple invoice
ValidationsValidations can be checked before uploading the Data on Portal so as to avoid any error in generation of IRNValidations can be checked before uploading the Data on Portal so as to avoid any error in generation of IRN
PreviewBefore Uploading the Data facility to preview the invoice is available so as to identify any issue before generation of IRNData is to be uploaded through Json which can be read in normal way and not possible to verify the json Data before generation of IRN
Regular Invoice with QR CodeAs per Not. No. 31/2019 – CT dt. 28.06.2019 Invoice must have QR code as per Rule 46 of CGST Rules alongwith the requirement of Signing of Said Invoice by authorized Person of Organization. One Click Facility to Generate QR Code with Signing Facility if Available.PDF generated through NIC portal is just and Acknowledgement of generation of IRN and QR Code and not a Valid Tax Invoice as per Rule 46 of CGST Rules
Storage of Data of Generate IRN and QR CodeImmediately after generation of IRN and QR Code its data will be stored in your PC automatically and backup of same can be kept for period as you desire.24 Hours of generation of IRN and QR Code after 24 hours data is not available on NIC Portal
MIS & DashboardMIS Dashboard is Available to Track and Search facility to find any previous invoice along with IRN data.No Report available on NIC portal after 24 Hours.
Ease of OperationEasiest Process of Generation of e-invoice with simple user interface and Automation to Save time and to avoid error in generationExcel Tool made available on Portal is not specific to Ordnance Factories Need, it is having various other fields which is not of use of ordnance factories and may create confusion among users while generating invoice
Data Entry for Generation of E-InvoiceA Standard Template specific to Ordnance factories has been designed to facilitate Import Invoice data in Software.
ITC Section of factory can export the Invoice Data in this Excel Template so as to avoid duplicate data entry.
Using NIC tool will require manual data entry of same invoice after generation of invoice in PPC Package.