Presenting, the all new e-Invoicing solution.

Secured Desktop Application

Secured Desktop Application

Your Data will be Secured in your Local PC under your control you need not to share the data on any third party cloud servers
Pre-Validation Validations

Pre-Validation Validations

Pre validation before generation of e-invoices. Highlights errors before generation of e-Invoice

Intelligent error proofing

Our custom mappers, UI based error correction, government compatible APIs ensure you generate e-Invoices without any worries or errors

Store e-Invoice IRN & QR Code Data

e-Invoice Portal (IRP) don't allow you to store IRN for more than 24 hours. Avoid losing your IRN data as you can store the data as per your in your local PC and Control.

Automated Json File Generation

Generation of Json File and Uploading of same on IRP portal will be done in a single click without manual process to save time and increase accuracy in working.

Print Invoice as per Rule 46 & 48 of CGST Rules

Single Click Print Invoice with the IRN and inbuilt QR Code in Invoice Itself no need to manually affix QR Code and IRN in Invoice.

Preview Data before generation of IRN

Never upload data without preview. One click json data preview before uploading the same of IRP portal
Fast Integration and Go Live

Fast Integration and Go Live

Setup in as low as 5 minutes and be ready to Generate e-Invoice.